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Christmas Collection 2020

This year at St Michael’s we will be collecting for two very important charities during the run up to Christmas. These charities are the Billingham and Stockton Borough Foodbank and the Apostleship of the Sea.

Christmas is such a special time for us all, a time to share with loved ones, exchanging gifts and sharing a meal together. Whilst we know that Christmas this year may look very different, it is so important that we help those who already struggle during the festive period.

The Billingham and Stockton Borough foodbank works tirelessly to provide emergency food packages to those in need in our local area. The Trussell Trust who have the responsibility of running foodbanks all across the UK recently reported that in April of this year, when the lockdown was just coming into effect, there was an 89% increase in foodbank usage. This is truly reflective of the huge effect COVID has had on those who are the most in need and show how it is so important now more than ever to help those who are struggling.

The Apostleship of the Sea are a worldwide Catholic charity who give pastoral, practical and spiritual support to seafarers. Over 90% of products imported to the UK come via boat and these boats require a crew to operate them. Now these crew members can often be away from their families for a very long time, anything from 6 months to a whole year at a time. The Apostleship of the Sea helps these seafarers by making sure they have the correct warm clothing and enough food whilst at sea, they help them to get in contact with their families back home and also provide emotional and spiritual support for them.

If you fell as though you are able and would like to bring in any donations for these charities, please look at the list of required items below.

Apostleship of the Sea itemsFoodbank items
Woolly hatTinned food (Soup, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish)
GlovesPasta sauce, curry sauce
Lip balmPasta, rice
SoapLong-life milk
ToothbrushTeabags, coffee
ToothpasteChristmas Cake
DeodorantChristmas Pudding
Shower gelCereal
CombRice pudding
Socks (warm)Tinned Custard
PenInstant Mash potato
Paper/notebookCereal bars
Chewing GumBiscuits
Sweets (especially chocolate)Carton of juice
Cuppa SoupShower gel
Pot NoodlesSoap
Travel Games/playing cards Shampoo
Christmas Card

You can also visit these websites for more information:

Billingham & Stockton Borough Foodbank
Stella Maris – Apostleship of the Sea