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About Us

Head of School Message: Vision and Ethos


I believe that the soul of our Academy is a vision based on clear and shared values which drive all we achieve together. Our values govern our relationships, our thinking, our decisions and our behaviours.

We are an academy in true transformation and this journey must always be understood through the principles which steer us towards our ultimate destination of becoming an outstanding academy. We are dynamically committed to this challenging journey of raising standards for each student we serve, for which there can be no greater cause.

Accordingly, at St Michael’s, we aim to model the following:

* Clarity of a Christ-centred vision rooted in our Catholic faith, which drives us to enable our students to develop their God-given talents and build a culture of service and compassion, modelled and lived by leadership of all members of our community, communicating our values of truth, justice, love, gentleness and forgiveness, thereby transforming the lives of our students through a meaningful relationship with Christ;

* Aiming for academic excellence through the highest expectations in teaching, learning and behaviour, where our passion for equality and justice propels us to ensure our students receive excellent teaching through a daily experience of good and outstanding lessons;

* Positive belief in people and an ability to foster emotionally intelligent leadership that will nurture students and staff, as well as persuade and communicate effectively by embedding community links with parents, families, carers and parishes based on trust and transparency. Ensuring governance is focused on raising standards in partnership with senior leadership;

* Shaping a progressive “Students first” Catholic academy with a strong belief in restorative justice, where each student belongs, is uniquely valued and achieves their very best and where we are driven by student need and know our students well, personalising our planning to ensure the authentic inclusion of all;

* Vibrant and empathetic chaplaincy at the heart of the Academy.

“Act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly” Micah 6:8

“Prayer in action is Love; Love in action is Service”
Mother Teresa

I very much hope that every student, every staff member, every parent, every carer and every parishioner will feel warmly welcomed into our inclusive community. My hope is that we all will truly feel that we belong to a caring community where the futures of the young people of Billingham, Norton and Stockton are served with justice and distinction.

Assuring you of my dedication.

Andrew Ramsey

Head of School