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About Us

Welcome to St. Michael’s Catholic Academy and thank you for choosing to visit our website where I hope you will get a true impression of our wonderful community. As a Catholic School we have a distinctive character that supports an education that is broad and rich in curriculum, supportive and caring in pastoral care and most significantly deeply rooted in Gospel values.

Our expectations for students are always high in every aspect of their learning, their behaviour and their attitudes to each other. We value our loving community where we nurture each individual to be ambitious in their personal aspirations while also being ambitious for the common good. It is a great honour to work alongside committed, determined and truly caring staff who tirelessly strive to create a culture of love and respect in which all our young people will thrive. We were delighted that this was noted in our last Ofsted inspection:

‘Students are exceptionally well-mannered. Their personal development and welfare is outstanding.’ Ofsted 2017

Our school is a centre of excellence in teaching and learning where high expectations set the standard in every subject. We offer a broad curriculum of academic and vocational qualifications which equips our young people with opportunities and choices for the future. We have consistently high results with increasing numbers of students achieving the top grades every year and we encourage students to be ambitious in their choices for the future. Again, Ofsted noted the strength we have in teaching and learning:

‘Teaching is consistently good with outcomes rapidly rising and with all students making good progress.’ Ofsted 2017

At St. Michael’s we believe that school life is more than just achieving excellent exam results. School days help to form character and St. Michael’s offers the students opportunities to thrive through extra- curricular activities, sports and trips that broaden their horizons and open their eyes to possibilities. Most importantly we teach our young people to have values that support them throughout their lives to make a positive contribution to society.

I hope you will have an opportunity to visit us in the future where you will receive a warm welcome.

Helen Keough – Headteacher