Enrichment at St Michael's

At St Michael’s, we are committed to providing a wide range of extra-curricular activities for our pupils. Our enrichment programme offers a clubs, competitions, charity events, councils, trips and external opportunities for students to get involved in.

Our mission is to create opportunities for our young people to build knowledge, skills and understanding to aid their personal development.

Through our enrichment programme, we aim to cultivate character, resilience and confidence in our pupils. It develops a compassion for cultural and community issues focusing on teamwork and taking responsibility for the world we live in. The aim of the programme is to:

  • Build upon each of the Academy’s trust virtues: confidence, resilience, justice, compassion, respect, self-belief, responsibility and honesty.
  • Extend learning prospects for students.
  • Create an enjoyment for school life.

We conduct termly student surveys, monitor engagement and discuss with our Student Councils to discover what our students want and then meet the needs of our pupils. Consequently, the clubs offered change termly.

The image below shows our Student Life Journey. Whilst some trips and events change annually, it shows a template of pupils’ time at St Michael’s in the post-COVID era.

At Key Stage 3, we want to allow our students to explorelearn and understand each of the Academy trust virtues. Our students should feel safe enough to make mistakes and explore each of their own characters.

By Key Stage 4, our students should model and showcase each of the Academy trust virtues: taking on leadership roles and leading their own events.

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