‘Act Justly, Love Tenderly and Walk Humbly with your God’ Micah

At St. Michael’s all our actions and decisions are based on the belief that every person is precious in the eyes of God. We all treat each other how we would like to be treated; with respect, courtesy and kindness. Each child that attends our academy is nurtured to give them the opportunities to grow and develop academically, socially and morally.

To this end we explicitly teach our students the virtues that we encourage them to develop. We do this through our virtues curriculum which is shared throughout the academy on every book and across our walls.

For each of these virtues we also examine role models that exemplify the characteristics inherent to each virtue.

These characters include a range of people, young and old, with and without disabilities, of different ethnic origins and of different religious beliefs.

They all bring stories of confidence, resilience, justice compassion, respect and responsibility and honesty and self-belief.

We work with our students to embed these virtues and encourage them to emulate these role models in their own lives.