Our PSHE and RSE curriculum has the virtues imbedded into every unit. The Virtues, developed from the teachings of the Catholic Church, play an essential role in shaping and developing the characters of students at St Michael’s.

In PSHE and RSE, we aim to:

  • Develop students holistically, to live happy, healthy and safe lifestyles.
  • Encourage students to explore each of the academy virtue, considering their impact in students’ personal, social and academic life.
  • All students to explore how to successful and productive members of society.

To achieve this, we use external visits, speakers, outreach from universities and colleges, ‘Registration and Read’, a dedicated PSHE/RSE curriculum and enrichment programme. We plan our PSHE/RSE curriculum to allow for time to respond to students’ emerging needs that are affecting their life at that particular time.

PSHE and RSE is organised into three units that reflects content appropriate for each age of development:

  • Living in Modern Britain
  • Relationship and Sex Education (using TenTen)
  • Dreams and Goals

The content covered within this subject follows statutory guidance and it is mandatory that all schools teach the following content.

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