'Act justly. Love tenderly. Walk humbly with your God.' Micah 6:8

Welcome to St. Michael’s Catholic Academy.

As a Catholic School we are rooted in our Christian values and see these values as the cornerstone of both our academic and pastoral mission.

In our recent Ofsted inspection, our commitment to the value of strong and positive relationships within our community was noted. We were delighted when inspectors said:

'There are harmonious relationships between staff and pupils. As a result, pupils feel safe and looked after. They know who to turn to if they need help and support.' Ofsted 2022

As a school we have worked hard on establishing a focused learning environment for all students. This is based on delivering excellence in teaching and learning where expectations are high in every subject; offering a broad curriculum of academic and vocational qualifications and the opportunity for students to regulate their own learning behaviours. Again, Ofsted noted the strength we have in teaching and learning:

'Pupils are well behaved around the school. Lessons are calm and orderly. This creates a positive environment in the school. Staff demonstrate a consistent approach to managing routines.' Ofsted 2022

At St. Michael’s we believe that school life is more than just achieving excellent exam results. School days help to form character and St. Michael’s offers our students opportunities to thrive through extra- curricular activities, sports and trips that broaden their horizons and open their eyes to possibilities. Most importantly we teach our young people to have values that support them throughout their lives to make a positive contribution to society.

Mrs. Clare M Humble