Culture of Excellence in St Michael's Academy

"Classroom Climate covers the quality of interactions between teachers and students, and teacher expectations: the need to create a classroom that is constantly demanding more, but still recognising students’ self-worth. It also involves attributing student success to effort rather than ability and valuing resilience to failure (grit)."

Robert Coe, 2014  

"Only rewards that promote the repetition of specific actions contribute to habit formation.”   

Wood and Neal, 2016, p.75

"Reinforcement programmes based on students gaining rewards can be effective when part of a broader classroom management strategy."  

Classroom Management: Positive Reinforcement by Chandra Williams  


What is St Michael’s Culture of Excellence?  

  • Building a culture of celebrating success – a proud to achieve/have a go attitude.  

  • Developing students' confidence in communicating about their learning.  

  • Developing the language of learning.  

  • Giving opportunities at different levels opportunities to promote success and resilience.  

  • Providing students with opportunities to share their learning experiences.  

  • Raising the profile of learning within the different curriculum areas.  

  • Celebrating success with parents, carers and community.   

What is What Went Well Wednesday?  

Celebrating a successful learning culture.  

A stall is set up in the school LRC on a Wednesday lunchtime.  
Students are to bring a piece of work that they are proud of.  
They are asked to have a conversation about their learning and answer three questions: 
What have you learnt?  
Why did you have to learn about it?  
What are you most proud of?   


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Students get a sticker on the piece of work they have brought so that their teacher knows they are proud of it. A sticker also goes into their learning passport for that subject area. They then get to choose an instant reward. When students have a full learning passport for all subjects, they can hand it in for a consistent reward.   
Instant reward:  St Michael’s stationery or a chocolate bar.  
Consistency reward: £15 voucher. 

What are Curriculum Champions Awards?  

Curriculum Champions Awards are awarded on a weekly basis. All staff can nominate (to their curriculum leader) any student who has shown excellence within their learning in that specific subject. The winners of the award are announced via a PowerPoint slide that is shared with tutors/students every Friday. These awards are to promote excellence within different subject areas.    

Instant reward:

Certificate from the subject. 
Hot chocolate with the head teacher.