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As a passenger on school transport your responsibilities are to:

Conduct yourself at all times in a safe, orderly, courteous and responsible manner.

Respect the rights and feelings of others, including other passengers, drivers and passenger assistants, bystanders and other road users.

Carry and show your bus pass at all times when using school transport.

Inform the school office if you lose your bus pass in order to obtain a temporary bus pass.

Comply with the travel rules whilst travelling on school transport

Travel rules

Smoking/vaping is prohibited. Lighters, matches vapes etc are not to be brought onto vehicles.

Passengers should remain seated whilst the school transport is in motion.

Staff may impose a seating plan to support positive behaviour during transport. Where this is the case students will sit in their directed seat during travel.

Where seatbelts or lap belts are fitted, they must be worn.

Bullying[1] is unacceptable and will not be tolerated

Unsafe behaviour[2] is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

A number of contracted vehicles are now fitted with CCTV which will be in operation on school runs. CCTV footage may be used to investigate instances of poor behaviour.

Luggage should be stored in appropriate spaces or under seats. Bags should not be left in aisles or on seats.

Eating and drinking are not permitted on school transport.

Mobile devices are carried at students own risk and will not be replaced by school if lost or damaged.

The use of any devices to record or photograph persons whilst travelling on school transport is strictly prohibited.

Contracted vehicles may proceed to other private contracts following school runs. Pupils should leave the vehicle clean and tidy condition, taking all litter with them.

The consequences of poor behaviour on School Transport can be:

A letter of complaint to your parents/carers from school.

The range of normal school sanctions, which may include exclusion, detention, withdrawal of privileges, etc.

Short and long term withdrawal of transport with no reimbursement or alternative provision made.

The potential loss of travel if no pass is carried.

Possible Police action in appropriate cases.

The loss of transport privileges on a permanent basis in the most serious cases.

As a Parent/ carer of a child using school transport your responsibilities are to:

Support the school and operator in applying the School Policies and Guidelines.

Support the school when school sanctions or withdrawal of transport are imposed.

Support a positive resolution where there are problems on School Transport which involve your child.

Pay for the making good of damage caused by vandalism/criminal activity which involves your child.

Ensure that your child conducts themselves in accordance with the expectations of the school Policy and Guidelines.

Act as a good role model to your child thereby encouraging good positive behaviour.

Ensure that your child always has their bus pass available for use on school transport and apply for a new pass if it is lost or damaged. (Replacement will may incur a charge of £5)

Assume responsibility of your child up to the point of collection and following drop off by the appropriate transport.

Ensure your child is at the correct pick up point at the appropriate time. If your child misses the transport, it is your responsibility to transport your child to school. 

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